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Rainmakers’ (“The Company”) vision is to transform community through how and what we eat, impact social thought via story-telling and workshops, and consciously evolve the way we live through new products, partnerships, and consulting projects. This vision will be achieved by orchestrating a network of collaborative partnerships, a founder-management team, and a new business model in which every employee is also an owner of The Company.

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Boqueria Bohemia

An evening of music, tapas, wine, and finger-painting; The paintings, signed by each creator, are then subsequently auctioned and the proceeds go to selected causes.

The Menu

Asian and south-asian infused tapas (Chilli-Chic style), Vintage dishes and cutlery / bespoke ceramics / Odd Glasses and Drinkware and Bespoke Brews.

ONLY Indian wines like a Myra Cabernet and a Sula Viongnier, also Wine-based cocktails.

Stuffed Chilli Olives
Six-nut Shots Roasted in Rosemary, Cayenne Pepper and Dark Brown Sugar
South American long chillies sautéed in olive oil with sea salt
Carrots in chilli-turmeric cream with assorted soft breads on the side
Kerala fried rice (vegetarian or mixed)
Spanish style baby potatoes with chilli-vinegar dip
Organic pasta in a pumpkin and green chilli cream
Mac and cheese in white truffle oil
Dan-Dan jeera rice-kheema (minced pork in coconut chilli oil and bhut jolokia sauce)
Prawns vevechethe with assorted flatbreads
Goan chorizo, Naga influenced, with a side of roasted vegetables
Sichuan and orange black pepper chicken, shredded, on a toasted whole-wheat bun
Rosemary and Bihari-spiced mutton chops, slow-cooked Vidhu-style
Green beans, harbanero peppers, coconut and beef, shredded into a mexican-style soft taco
Melon balls in lavender cream
Assorted chocolates
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This event links music, food, art, sharing and giving. There is an artist and deep humanity inside EVERY individual. Let us create the environment to allow it all to unabashedly show.


The Mercado de San José de la Boquería, often simply referred to as La Boquería, is a large public market in the Ciudad Vieja district of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, and one of the city’s foremost tourist landmarks, with an entrance from La Rambla, not far from the Liceo, Barcelona’s opera house. The market has a very diverse selection of goods

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